Entre Nous is not your average
Lifestyle Event.  It is rare that a
lifestyle party anywhere in America
focuses on catering to the younger,
club savvy, sexually sophisticated and
beautiful crowd...

Entre Nous is here to do just that.

Entre Nous sets the standard for off-premise lifestyle clubs in America. With eight years of experience, our weekly Saturday night events attract the very best in the lifestyle community both locally and nationally.

Entre Nous is attended by couples in committed relationships, married people, lovers, friends who like to have fun together, women tired of the hassles of attending clubs that allow single men, and women interested in meeting other women and couples. Everyone that comes to Entre Nous comes with playfulness and adventure in mind.

Most of our guests fall between the ages of 25 and 40.
Single men are never allowed entry into Entre Nous.

Entre Nous
represents the youngest lifestyle party in America, as well as the largest percentage of single women at a lifestyle event in America.  While most of the women who attend Entre Nous are bisexual, Entre Nous caters to all "lipstick" women (women who are ultra sexy feminine, non-butch, etc).

Beyond being an amazing off-premise social space for the lifestyle community, Entre Nous combines the sexiness of the lifestyle with upscale nightclub culture.  Our guests are an eclectic mix of interesting people interested in the lifestyle and enjoying a fantastic time with one another in the sexy, safe and erotic environment we've created.

Entre Nous
represents the cream of the lifestyle community
in the Washington, DC area.  There's nothing more appealing then confidence - so guests are encouraged to use their imagination and wear what makes them feel most sexy.  When
dressing for Entre Nous you should express this philosophy by dressing to the "Nines".  No jeans, khaki's, athletic wear, or sneakers.   It's not every weekend night that you can dress as wildly and daringly as our Saturdays...take advantage of it!

We expect out guests to be well mannered, fashionably dressed, sexy and attractive. 
If you cannot abide by or meet these ideals, then you may find that Entre Nous is not what you are looking for.

ENTRE NOUS RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ENTRY TO ANYONE FOR ANY REASON, inlcuding approved members. If you are not dressed within our dress code parameters or are inebriated when coming to the door you will be denied entrance. If you break any of the club rules you will be asked to leave and your membership may be revoked.