Entre Nous has Moved to Club 2147 Dupont Circle as of Saturday, October 26 2013 and now Opens at 10PM Every Saturday
                                               Please See the
Entre Nous Event Page for Club 2147 Location and Upcoming Event Details!

1.)  Entre Nous is a
Members Only social club for 21+ couples and single women only.  No single men.  No exceptions, ever.  Please do not attempt to bring a single male with a couple, as your "third".   They will not be admitted to Entre Nous.

2.) Entre Nous is an "OFF PREMISE" lifestyle social event.  Meaning, there is absolutely NO SEX OR ILLEGAL NUDITY OF ANY KIND at the club event.   In the  event you attempt to break this rule, you will be ejected from the club and permanently banned.  ENTRE NOUS ADHERES TO ALL DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ABC-ABRA REGULATIONS.

3.) EN Regular Admission is $40 Per Couple. See the Main Page and Events Page for our Location, Dress Code , Parking and all other general event information.

4.)  We encourage new guests to arrive as early as possible so they can meet the hosts and have a chance to get a general feel for our event, have questions answered, etc.  The Club opens at 10PM, really starts to build up around 10:30PM, and is absolutely packed by 1AM.

5.)  To attend Entre Nous, you must be 21 to enter.  The *average* age of couples and singles at the event is 30. Entre Nous markets to guests in the 21-35 range, but we also have a fair number outside this age range.  Single women represent approximately 20% of our guests.

6.)  The musical selection at Entre Nous, spun by live DJs, ranges from 80s remixes, Euro-Dance/Techno/Trance to R&B and Industrial. There is something for everyone! Please don't hesitate to make a request of your friendly DJ!

7.)  For specific directions to
Entre Nous from your location, please see Your Member Email as of  July 24, 2011.

8.)  Entre Nous is not a BBW event.  There are myriad BBW specific events and sites that cater to BBWs and fans. However, anybody is welcome to attend Entre Nous.

                                           .:: IMPORTANT:  ENTRE NOUS RULES OF CONDUCT ::.

We expect all of our guests to behave in a friendly and respectful manner to others.  Sexual or verbal harassment will not be tolerated in any form - either toward men or women.  We have fostered a "no pressure" environment of like-minded individuals and couples, and wish for it to remain so.  The staff of Entre Nous reserves the right to ask any guest to leave at any time, and infractions may result in a permanent ban from the event.  This is for your own protection and ease of mind!

As Entre Nous has grown, we have found that there are questions as to what is expected and acceptable:

NO sex or illegal nudity of any kind.  Ever.  Entre Nous adheres to all Washington, DC and ABC regulations
NEVER touch a woman or man without permission or make sexual comments to any person
NEVER expose the genitals or breasts (for legal reasons)
ABSOLUTELY no pressure.  No means no.  If you persist in unwanted advances toward any individual, this will be interpreted as sexual harassment, and you will be permanently banned from the event
ABSOLUTELY no photography unless authorized in advance by the EN staff and the subject to be photographed
alert the security, host or bar staff if any of the above occur at Entre Nous.  We are here to assure that our guests have a safe and enjoyable evening

If you have any other suggestions for this page, please let us know.

If terms or activities such as "lifestyle couples", swinging, swapping, threesomes, bisexuality, etc. are offensive to you...then don't come to Entre Nous.

Our desire is to provide a safe place where guests can abide by the rules, feel welcome and have a fantastic evening.

If you can contribute to that atmosphere, then we'd love to see you sometime.