BOUND takes place on the secondFriday night of each month. Each event has a different theme to make the night much more interesting for the guests! BOUND is open to everybody who is open minded. Couples, single women, single men, gay, straight, bisexual, trans, you name it! As long as you love fun art, music, and open-minded people, then you are welcome to attend the BOUND events. BOUND is a very pan sexual party and often draws many people from the gothic, industrial and electronic music communities, various fetish communities and people from swinger lifestyle communities..

So, if you're into some kinky fun, then BOUND is the place for you! We have some BDSM play areas set up for you, as well as guest fetish models, hostesses, and BDSM demonstrations!

BOUND The Second Friday of the month! $10 in Fetish Attire, theme attire or all black minimum! $20 if not!

The Loft 411 NY Ave, NE DC

DETAILED DIRECTIONS CAN BE FOUND HERE: (we made this directions page for our SMB event this past summer, but it has a lot of info on how to get to the space, so we still use it for the Halloween Ball). The BOUND space is privately owned - The Loft Warehouse. The location is quite simple to get to from the DC Metro Area, including points North and South of DC - as New York Avenue (Route 50) affords easy access from 95 and the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. The venue is located in the Warehouse / Market District. You will not see homes, other clubs, restaurants, etc. Please don't be alarmed - you're in the correct place. 411 New York Avenue, NE is located on the corner of New York Avenue and Penn Street, a huge Warehouse building which faces directly on to New York Avenue. The exact entrance to The Loft Warehouse is at the intersection of Penn and 4th Street, NE - approximately 100 feet from the New York Avenue entrance. There are NO permanent markers to indicate that it is the correct building. Look for standard 11x8 pieces of paper (like your printer paper) with an "X" on them, with directional arrows near the intersections of New York Avenue and Penn Street, and the Warehouse entrance at Penn Street and 4th Street, NE. Follow the "Xs" and Directional Arrow signs, and you should have no problem finding The Loft Warehouse space and the FREE parking lot / entrance. Parking: In addition to the FREE parking (60 spots) directly surrounding The Loft Warehouse, there is also FREE parking directly across the street at The PNC Bank (which is closed down) that holds a few hundred vehicles. There is a security guard posted outside of the Motel 6 next door that keeps an eye on The Loft Warehouse parking. We will of course have additional event security in the area. Please keep noise to a minimum when entering and leaving the party. METRO: The closest Metro stop is the New York Avenue stop on the Red Line. You can take a taxi from there to The Loft Warehouse if you wish. Smoking: The party space is a smoke-free environment. Everybody must smoke outside.

We want our guests or potential guests to know what BOUND is all about. BOUND has had events in DC for over 13 years. BOUND is a social meet and greet and Fetish Play event that is open to all. BOUND focuses a lot of the fashions and themed dress of the fetish scene, as well as great music and art that is also commonly associated with the fetish scene. Lots of people that are into gothic and industrial music attend BOUND. You will find people from all walks and interests, as well as ages and orientations at BOUND.

If you are into:
Dressing in Leather, latex, pvc, corsets, hot fetish outfits, school girl outfits, naughty nurses, uniforms, etc, then you will LOVE BOUND! We have different themed events to make the party more fun for everybody!

If you are into:
Whips and chains, bondage and discipline, role play, master/slave fun, public displays of kinky affection, and other off-the-beaten-path types of fun, then you'll LOVE BOUND!

If you are into:
Gothic, industrial, electronic and other forms of experimental and awesome dance music, then you will LOVE BOUND! You will not hear to 40, hip hop, or your typical club music at BOUND.

If you cannot handle:
Seeing people tied up and spanked, hot wax being dripped on people, or other forms of kinky fetish play, then do not come to BOUND.

If you cannot handle:
Partying at a club that you may (and will) see people who are Hetero, bi, gay, tansexual/transgender, cross dressers, or other forms of sexual minorities, then do not come to BOUND. We do not and will not tolerate any type of bigotry or harassment at BOUND. We stronlgy encourage people to express themselves through their dress, dance, art, and play not matter what their preferences are.

Hope that helps! Feel free to drop us an e-mail if you have any questions!